Pepe playing guitar with friends

Pepe and friends ~ Tortosa, Spain


Jose “Pepe” Gimena has taught guitar lessons and music theory in San Francisco since 2003. He teaches in his private studio and in music schools.

Pepe was born in Barcelona, Spain. There, he studied both Modern and Classical Guitar with private teachers, and also at Escola de Musica d’Esplugues. He earned his Bachelor Degree and Teaching Credential at Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Spain).

Upon moving to the U.S. in 2003, Pepe continued his music studies, first at City College of San Francisco (2004-2006) and later at San Francisco State University School of Music & Dance (2007-2010), where he studied Classical Guitar with Larry Ferrara.

Pepe has performed in and composed for a variety of ensembles, such as the classical ensemble Tres Tigres, the indie bands Los Trosky Models and The Norman Bates, the electronic ensemble Marcello, and the acoustic world ensemble Aava.

He regularly writes and arranges music for chamber ensemble and film scoring. Notably, he has produced soundtracks for various projects in collaboration with filmmakers Toni Comas and Anna Solano. Among them, “Pain of War” was screened at the Dumbo Arts Festival 2010 in Brooklyn, NY, the documentary “Building Stories” (2011) has been screened on PBS, and “I Fix Everything” has recently received first-place award in Film Race 2011and selected for Arizona Film Festival.


Guitar Lessons with Pepe Gimena