Private Guitar Lessons

classical ~ folk ~ rock ~ flamenco ~ spanish

Pepe teaching guitar lesson 2All guitar lessons are customized to meet the student’s taste and needs. You learn the music that you like, while developing dexterity, rhythm control, reading (notation and/or tablature) and the specific techniques for the style you are learning (finger style, flat pick, strumming, open chords, licks, tremolo, bar chords, power chords, arpeggios, picados, etc).

Creativity is welcome!  Any of your music projects or song writing can be integrated into your lessons.

My well-rounded approach is fun and has proven to be successful for developing skills and music enjoyment.

All ages and levels are welcome.


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ABRSM Classical Guitar & Music TheoryPepe teaching guitar lesson 1

If you are interested in following an academic path and working towards obtaining a certificate, ABRSM is one of the most recognized providers of graded music exams and assessments.  We can structure your lessons within this framework.

Additionally, I can help prepare you for specific guitar and music theory exams.

Click here for more information about ABRSM or contact me.



Classes located near Van Ness & Union Street (Russian Hill)